Coffee Tales, Chapter 3: Kimberley

Coffee Tales, Chapter 3: “Kimberley”

By Myron J. Clifton

Kimberley drinks Chocolate Milk. I tried Kimberley’s drink today, and here is my review.

This drink is a drink of simple pleasure. A drink that allows one to settle in. To relax for a breather after a long day of traveling. It is a drink that comforts in its simplicity and refreshes with smooth milk paired with intense chocolate. It is a drink of partnership between equals with mutual respect, even though their strengths appear opposite.



To drink this drink is to honor one’s initial impression with need and want; to bridge the gap of that early difficult concept and marry it with a mature view on life, happiness, and love.

To finally accept that, yes, one can have it all.

Like Kimberley.

And there is a layer of complexity to this seemingly simple, American drink, isn’t there? I mean, it’s milk – the second most common food/drink in the world for all of history. The drink that transfers life and introduces us to the gifts of our two mothers: Mother earth who provides nutrients to our birth Mothers so that she can infuse her milk with her essence – the essence that forever binds us to both our Mothers.

In the transfer of milk from mother to child, the mother’s body reacts to how much the child drinks and produces more or less depending on the child. More remarkable is that the mother’s body reads the bacteria that the child transfers back to the mother causing the mother’s body to change the chemical balance and composition of the milk to meet the needs of the child. And mother earth does the same – we take from her and she reacts to what we have taken and works to provide exactly what we need.

If only we’d listen. So as we travel the country and the world, we should listen to what mother earth is telling us.


We know the ancient South American Native people enjoyed cocoa and chocolate for thousands of years and that royalty only drank chocolate from golden chalices. There is also a theory that the cocoa bean made its way to Greece thousands of years earlier because the Greeks describe a drink that sounds remarkably similar to chocolate milk.

And perhaps the drink made its way to one of the six-thousand Greek islands, a small island called Thera, that saw one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history; an eruption that some say drowned the entire Atlantis civilization and which was known as Kallístē – “The most beautiful one” as it is now known as: Santorini, for Saint Irene.


This island Santorini, of the impossibly blue water that mirrors an equally impossibly blue sky that a traveler would gravitate to, a place that one would see in a magazine and say to themselves: I will go to this place because it calls to me even though I have no plan and no way; I will get there because I must go. I will share this goal, this mission, with the Universe and I know it will happen. And it did happen.

Like it did for Kimberley.

So one can certainly imagine a cool morning and a cup of chocolate milk – or hot chocolate, on a balcony looking out to a sparkling blue past of beauty, deep thinking, and intrepid people who also knew how to…relax. To pause. To cast off today’s stresses and tomorrow’s troubles and settle into a moment of “what does this moment, in this setting, need?” It needs chocolate milk.


Whether one is happy, or sad, or somewhere in between, chocolate milk seems to be the right answer at the right time for people all over the world. And for Kimberley.

I will begin enjoying chocolate milk again, in honor of Kimberley, who figured out that there are layers of complexity to a drink that makes a child happy, satisfies royalty, and provides an escape from the common life of existence. I will enjoy a drink that calls back to ancient people who traveled the world and thus got beyond page one of life and discovered that life isn’t only observed or written about; life is tasted and enjoyed. Life is the complex beauty of marrying diverse gifts that complement one another and become greater and happier together.

Life is enjoying the fruits of the mother and giving back to the mother to complete and initiate the cycle over again for those who follow.

And I will enjoy this drink to think back to a time when the mere thought of chocolate and milk together brightened a child’s eyes and introduced a new level of happy that was heaven to taste, fun to enjoy, and wonderful to just gulp and ignore the world around that really wasn’t all that important when compared to chocolate milk.

And when I do next enjoy this wonderful drink, I will think of Kimberley traveling the world and enjoying our small planet while smiling and remembering a time when she convinced herself that she would somehow travel to that tiny island in the picture and somehow someway enjoy the water, the sky, and a cup of chocolate milk.

This then is Kimberley’s drink.

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One thought

  1. OMG!!! I love this!! Thank you! However, do I drink chocolate milk if it’s only hot chocolate and usually hot chocolate with peppermint from Starbucks? LOL. I don’t really drink cold chocolate milk, but I do drink hot chocolate. Should that be specified? Hahaha

    I absolutely love how you explained everything about Mother Nature, birth mothers, Santorini, traveling and making it happen! LOVE LOVE LOVE This!!

    THANK YOU MY FRIEND! Soooo cool!!! XOXO

    Off to visit my Aunt. Stopping for gas and will call you on the way if my service works. Service is rough up there. 🙂



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