Coffee Tales, Chapter 2 – Marilena

Coffee Tales, Chapter 2: “Marilena”

By Myron J. Clifton

Mari likes a Caramel Frappuccino with Whipped Cream. I tried Mari’s drink today, here is my review.

This drink is fun. And happy. A drink of a big loud “YES!” and a chaser of  “I thought I was done and had nothing left to give and be happy about whatever but there’s so much more, WHOA Caramel!”


To drink this drink is to celebrate something. Anything. Nothing. Just drink and be consumed by its injection of sweet power. Bathe fully and completely and be done. But you’re not done because the first part of the drink – oh so lovely – is a precursor to unbridled and shocking wonder delivered by a mysterious and ancient gift: Caramel and its friend whipped cream. It’s almost too much.

No it’s not. Drink it all.




Feel alive and happy, and unconquerable and wondrous and ready to.. what, exactly? Give.

That’s what.

But give what? What does a drink of such easy rolling joy compel one to give? The answer is in the question. Give. Just give. Time. Attention. Advice. Love. Oh so much love and… happiness.

Like Mari.

This is a drink that could be served in a European city that was (is?) called “little Paris” because of its Art, Music, Architecture and its people. A city called Bucuresti, but which you know as Bucharest. Bucharest which may mean joy…or… happiness.

This drink helps one understand joy and happiness not as abstract concepts but as living energies that have power when allowed to live.

84C053DA-32BB-4B8C-AB2A-A2D0DCF8BFCDThis drink then brings joy, but what about that name, Frappuccino? “Frappe” – from the French meaning “to chill” and mixed with the Italian “Cappuccino,” or “Espresso.” So this coffee drink has its name and origins from France and Italy.

Italy was the center of the Roman empire for two-thousand years. A daughter of Romania drinking a drink that can credit much of its origins to Italy/Rome.

But the people of this land predate the Romans by about 40,000 years. This is the land of the oldest citizens of Europe that have ever been discovered. Come forward in time to about six-thousand years ago and there is something remarkable about these people.

These are the people who first mined and used… salt. It seems simple now, but six-thousand years ago to find, understand, and use salt required an ingenuity that is quite remarkable. Salt allows food preservation, medicine and healing, melting of ice, and many more life-altering uses. The people who would become the Romanians did it first.


And just when you think you’re done enjoying this delightful liquid, the caramel hits you with the force of softly landing on and eating cotton candy. Caramel, which may be French, or Spanish, Or Portuguese, or.. Latin, as in the language of Rome.

No one knows for certain, but it’s safe to say, I believe that Caramel will be in heaven, while Kale will not.

Life is short; chose Caramel. Like Mari.

C9D57F79-DCAA-409F-82B1-244289FE76A7When you choose this drink, do so without hesitation and without trepidation or guilt. Jump in, swim around, and experience the joy and happiness in its pure and true form.

Welcome it inside you. And when you finish it, do not regret or look back. Live today for tomorrow. Love today for tomorrow. Like Mari.

I drink this drink with Mari, who hails from a land of wonder, of people who survived and continue to thrive. And when I drink it, I will recall the same wonder of one who came to this sweet complex and challenging land and who met this land with her old spirit of the eternal feminine that nurtures and envelopes us in sweet, sweet, love, joy and…happiness.

This then, is Mari’s drink.


Copyright 2018, Dear Dean Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


2 Thoughts

  1. Very fine review! You’ve taken a complex beverage and given it heart and soul — and history. While applying everything to its drinker — your friend. Ingenious.

    Liked by 1 person

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