Coffee Tales, Chapter 1: Margaret

Chapter 1: Margaret

Written by Myron J Clifton


Margaret’s favorite coffee drink is a Grande Non-Fat Chilli Mocha. I recently tried Margaret’s drink, and here is my review.

This is a drink of ancient knowledge. A drink of joyful acquiescence. A drink of satisfaction with self; life; and love of creation. And it is a drink that doesn’t forget…anything. Goodness, sadness, joy, heartbreak. So then it is a drink that conveys with each sip a taste of past lives, acceptance of today’s mysteries, and a push to know the great unknown.

After enjoying this drink one starts to understand that maybe, just maybe, the great unknown isn’t so unknown after all. It is the same thoughts one has after visits with Margaret.

This drink introduces itself from a position of power. The power of chocolate. The ancient gift from Earth was being enjoyed in many South American pre-countries over 1,500 years ago. So many societies enjoyed cold, hot, paste, and cocoa beans that it was believed the beans were gifts from the gods.

Gifts from the Mother have often been confused with gifts from the gods.


So one is happy and satisfied while enjoying the beauty of chocolate and all the ancient knowledge it brings and willingly shares.

Like Margaret.

And then it happens: the chilli spice gently nudges the young chocolate away and presents its liquid fire that inflames the soul and comforts one’s spiritual ego. The ancient Chilli/spice goes back two-thousand years, and perhaps more, as the ancients used it just like we do – as flavor, as healing, and to preserve food.

Maybe the spice was gifted to us first because Mother earth thought she needed our attention and once she got it, she then rewarded us with chocolate. This seems like something a Mother would do for her children. Like Margaret.


I enjoyed this drink because it forces one to think positively and to ignore negative images that obscure the beauty life and the possibility of life; of love, of a full moon; a bee; curly hair; a quiet child; a multi-colored mermaid swimming and entertaining a sailor in the great ocean.

This drink is a reminder of the power of combining the many gifts we have and then using that newly combined gift to create newer lives that are greater than its parts. To take an old skill and new; an old viewpoint and a new one; an old spirit and a new spirit and allow them to share, laugh, test and, most of all, to play all day every day

I will drink this drink to honor my friend Margaret who, like this wonderful ancient drink, persuades the ego to give attention to the untouchable and unseeable Universe that so greatly impact our lives. And I will drink this drink to remember that an internal conflict may only be temporary, and if we take the time to study and observe our internal conflicts and struggles, we may just find that our conflicts are nothing more than Spice and Chocolate having a fun spat, as siblings will do.

This then, is Margaret’s drink.

Copyright 2018 Dear Dean Publishing, Coffee Tales. All Rights Reserved. 

2 Thoughts

  1. Myronian,
    I love what you wrote and I read it a few times. It’s lovely and so thought provoking.
    I’m buying a Grande Non-Fat Chilli Mocha – in honor of Margret, you, The Goddess, Mother Earth and the “curly hair” one you reference below (I see Leah in my mind 😊)
    I am and then I’m sending you a pic with book in hand.
    Get ready……

    How are you doing? How’s Leah? Any plans to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium this summer? Would love to see you both.
    Please keep me posted.

    Sending a huge hug!

    Christine Russo-Robertson
    National Sales Manager, Events
    P 831-648-4916 M 831-915-9760


    Monterey Bay Aquarium
    886 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940
    Our mission is to inspire conservation of the ocean.


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