BLM-PD – Mission Conclusion

Written by M.J.C

First Mission – Conclusion

Year: Future
First Mission: Conclusion
Case name: Kenny Williams
Submitted by: Field Personnel: Beast & Niwt
Date: April 2
Mission Date (s): March 1st – March 20
Mission Status: Completed
BLM-PD injuries: Zero (0)
Targets killed: 250
Targets captured: Zero (0)
Collateral injuries: N/A
Mission Rating (1-5): 4

The team completed its mission, and did so with zero serious (0) BLM-PD injuries or loss of life. Mission co-leaders Beast and Niwt cooperated throughout, with minor disagreements, while successfully adapting to changes that were planned by KJ but unknown to each of them prior to the mission. Despite not knowing and despite an in-the-field major change to the mission, both Field Personnel adapted admirably and succeeded in seeing the mission through to successful completion.

The expanded mission was successful and resulted in a major war on US soil and with allies participating and supporting California as it sought to reshape the country. *Please see addendum as provided by FP AP for an official historical briefing and detailed accounting of all the actions, agents, weapons, names of those killed, and early reporting on the War.

KJ managed the operations with skill, urgency, and expertise befitting her known skill-sets. As expected KJ introduced heretofore unknown elements, technology, and strategy that was not pre-approved, much less discussed by BLM-PD Executive Council. The Council again expresses its appreciation for KJ’s work, and again expresses a strong desire to exert better oversight on her activities, technological updates, and active mission changes. (Cause for mission rating of 4 instead of 5).

All intelligence provided by <redacted> was accurate, timely, and contributed to the overall supreme execution and ensured the FP’s were where they needed to be, when they needed to be, and that all the targets were where and when they needed to be. The Council appreciates <redacted> contributions.

Field Personnel Niece performed admirably, proving KJ’s instincts and training true and correct. She slipped in unnoticed and took out her target as planned, and assisted later in the mission with skill, patience, and accuracy. Her ongoing training should focus on: Teamwork and team building; weapons; hand-to-hand combat.

Field Personnel Peg performed with quiet consistency and with superb explosive, stealth, and communication skills. It is recommended that future missions include Peg, mission forward, that is, early and often, to utilize her planning and foresight skills.


Next Mission:
KJ has proposed escalating BLM-PD activities to include a major action. Initial discussion with the Executive Council shows trepidation and serious concerns. More discussion needed as the mission will be offshores and involve multiple countries that remain hostile to California and/or loyal to the old US regime. The team will be tasked with <redacted> as early as next year.

Addendum: As preparation for the next mission it is suggested that multiple smaller local missions are completed to improve both individual and overall team skills.

Specifically for:

AP – self defense, and basic weapons training

Niece – hand to hand combat and alternative weapons training

Peg – covert operations, specialized weapons

Niwt – communications (learn <redacted> language) and specialized weapons

Beast – drone manipulation and long range shooting

KJ – Secure ownership of a <redacted> firm and a contract for <redacted>

The team is expected to complete two training exercises prior to the major operations.


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