BLM-PD: Chapter 8: The Dragon, The Agamemnon, and Charles de Gaulle

Written by M.J.C

Everyone was in place.

It was August and the President was hosting an appreciation dinner for his staff, his top generals, key big donor supporters, corporate executives, Senators and Congressmen during their summer recess. The President wanted to thank them for their unwavering support despite the turmoil that was still happening due to the terror event in Missouri earlier in the year.

The President wanted to reassure his constituents and key supporters that justice would be served on any and all terrorists who had killed all those cops. He was certain, he said, that international terrorists, black lives matter, and certain criminal elements from around the world had carried out the attack. There was “no way,” he said with smug confidence, that the darkies had done this heinous act all on their own because of the amount of coordination and pre-intelligence required.

He also said that his spies had told him the attacks were launched from Oregon and as a result he would seek an immediate blockade of all products from that renegade State, and ban travel to and from there as well.


Dez listened intensely while taking notice of the team coming and going. Dez had arranged for the team to be hired with her local catering company – Katie and Katherine’s Kapitol Katering – and thus, be the servers during the event. Beast was the on-site boss of the staff and all fell easily in line with Beast barking out orders and truly acting as if she were the boss. Except Niwt.

“Niwt,” Beast said exasperated. Just give them more wine if they ask for it. You don’t need to regulate.”

“I want everyone aware of what’s happening when it happens. They’ve had enough wine. This is part of the reason they make so many bad decisions! They’re all drunk!”

“So what, just give them the wine, Niwt, dammit!”

Niwt did, but she complained every step of the way. Niece and Peg served finger foods, and made small talk, while they all ignored all the sexist comments, attempts to hug, and men touching them while talking. Niece hated it and wanted to get her bow, but Dez did not allow such large weapons, and they wouldn’t have made it past security anyway. Peg flirted along and managed to keep her distance away from touchy old men. She displayed the skill of experience and Niece marvelled at Peg’s deftness.


Once they’d finished serving finger foods, Peg went to the adjacent room while Niece placed small canisters, twenty-two in all, around the room. The small metal canisters looked like small Sterno canisters used to keep food warm. But KJ had replaced the contents with small charges that also contained some of Beast’s poisons.

AP was one of many photographers circulating the room and getting both staged and candid pictures. AP was capturing pictures to ensure the historical record was accurate.

KJ was at the famous Watergate Hotel, having made the rare trip East. She wanted to be near in the event something went wrong and her presence was needed. All her work would be done online, of course, and that could be done anywhere. But if a lawyer was needed, KJ had secured all her credentials – Cal Berkeley’s Boalt School of Law graduate, and fifteen year as principal at Kingston, Kora, and Lerner Law Firm, based in San Francisco and lead litigator on many national and international cases, including leading and defending California’s secession lawsuits against the Federal Government, Big Oil, the NRA, Koch Industries, twenty other States, and thousands of citizens from other States. Her law firm won all the lawsuits and as a result became the official legal arm of the Republic of California.

“Now, Dez,” KJ said into Dez’s earpiece. The earpiece was on KJ’s closed network and all the team heard KJ.

Dez walked to the middle of the room and began clicking her champagne glass until everyone was at attention and looking at her.

“If I may,” Dez  started. “Mr. President and Esteemed guests. As a member of one of the President’s personal detail teams, I would like to welcome you all.”


“And as you all know, the President has rallied the country to his side and has begun making great strides in returning America to it’s Greatness of the Past.”


“He hasn’t done it alone. You all have been instrumental and as part of his security team, I believe I can, humbly, thank you for your unwavering support on behalf of the President. We know there is much yet to do. We will not recount recent events, for tonight is about celebration and recognition of a job well done. And of more work to be done by each of us.”


“To that end and for history’s sake, let us come together as friends. Please come.”

Dez continued: “I have asked our photographer to capture this moment and to share it with the media and across all of our information disbursement networks – some might call it propaganda, dare I say,” (laughter).

The room started shuffling around to the center while Dez motioned AP to bring her equipment closer.

“Guests, please have your partners follow Madame V (Beast) to the adjoining room for their own set of pictures.”

“No collateral deaths,” KJ said and planned for.

Beasts began leading the guests to the adjacent room while AP was directing the other group on where to stand for the group shot.

Once the room was filled with just AP and the President’s men and supporters – about two-hundred in all, AP said: “SMILE”

At that moment, all the lights went out.


At the Watergate hotel KJ was sitting on her bed with two laptops and two tablets on and each connected by power cable to one another, creating a loop and, when placed side by side, she had a single view of the room where all the assembled men were in place for AP’s picture. And through her link to AP’s camera, she had infrared views of the room even in the dark.

And on KJ’s two phones, again sitting side by side, she had a full picture of the adjacent room where Beast, Niwt, Niece, and Peg were with all the other guests.

Once the lights were out, KJ said to Peg, “Get them out, now.”

“Got it,” Peg replied.


“Beast, Niwt – you’ve been bickering all night; now direct that energy to security. There are fifteen in the room, and once you exit with Peg, there will be ten more. You need to disable them fully. Fully,” KJ added with emphasis. Their earpieces will emit a high-pitched tone that will cause them pain – you will know them by this. Open you eyes and get ready!

“I was born ready, KJ, you know that,” Beast said, as she tied her red hair back, and put on a headband.

Niwt, seeing Beast’s headband stared at her before saying, “You’ve really gone back to the 80’s haven’t you?”

“Oh, you got jokes, huh Niwt? You don’t know my life.”

“I do, Niwt replied. But this – pulling out her Kukri – isn’t one of them.”  The curved blade was shiny and looked hungry, Beast thought.

“You want to count?”  Beast asked.

“You’re on, loser” Niwt responded with a laugh.

“Everyone. Everyone! Eyes to me. EYES TO ME,” Peg said getting everyone’s attention.

They’ve lost power next door, so we’re gonna head to a different room, while they are going to come to this roo—“

Peg never finished her sentence, as a series of explosions rocked the adjacent room, causing screaming and panic from the assembled guests.

“FOLLOW ME” Peg yelled as she and Niece began rounding up the guests and escorting them out of the room and into the hallway, turning left, and down a long corridor toward the main entrance and exit of the White House to safety.



“How’d you even get that weapon in here, Niwt?” Beast asked as she broke the neck of her third agent. It was simple enough because the sound KJ warned about was extremely high-pitched, so much so that she and Niwt could even hear it. It was brutal, judging by how the agents immediately bent over in pain at the same time.

“You have to ask? Really? Niwt said, as she sliced the throat of her fifth agent. It was really easy with each of the agents already bent over, or laying on the floor.

“KJ,” Beast said. “Dammit. Of course it was KJ,” Beast continued, as she flipped an older agent, thought for a moment that he was too old to be an agent, and then with him laying on his back and holding his hands to his ears, she elbowed his throat, crushing it and blocking his breathing, and then beating his chest right at his heart ten straight times until the old man died.

“You’re getting soft, Beast. I saw you take it easy on that old man.”

“He’s dead. That’s all that matters, Beast replied, as she grabbed a big guy – the biggest guy, kicked him in the balls and, as he fell, she grabbed his thick neck, twisting it as she fell with him, and hitting the floor before one final twist, snapped his thick neck until he stopped moving.

“I got your soft right here, Niwt!” Beast said as she looked at Niwt.


Niwt looked back. Then turned and inserted her Kukri into the head of an agent right behind her. She then turned the other way and sliced open an agent from his groin to his neck and then, without stopping, dropped to one knee and sliced a long smile on the face of another agent who was at her feet and writhing on the floor.

“Motherfucker,” Beast said, with a lot of breath and just a hint of respect.

“Aducator de moarte,” Beast, Niwt responded. “Eight for me. Five for you.”

“So far!” Beast responded, as she was literally running toward the far side of the room where two agents were trying to help one another remove their earpieces.

Reaching them, Beast dropped to the floor, sliding between the two agents and as she was still moving, she grabbed both by the head, placing them in a headlock and pulling them straight into the wall head first, cracking both their skulls instantly.

Seven, Beast thought, looking around for the last agent. “Wait, she thought, there were only fifteen.”

“That was very cool, Beast. I still win. I got eight. You got seven.”

Beast was looking around for more agents.

“You’ve come a long way, Beast. Now you’re looking for folk to kill. Ha!”

“Let’s get out of here, Niwt,” Beast responded, as she swept by Niwt and headed to the hall.

Smoke had started to fill the room and it was hot. Niece’s bombs had all gone off – Beast and Niwt lost count, but there were a lot of discharges, they agreed as they ran down the hall toward the main exit.

“What about AP?” Niwt said, running next to Beast.

“She’s fine. I made sure Niece got her out, too. They’ll meet us outside on the South Lawn, along with Peg.”


They made it outside and there was Peg, Niece, and AP standing near, but somewhat apart from all the guests. The light shining on them was coming from the White House, which was now engulfed in flames.

The White House was burning. Again.

AP said: “The White House also burned down in 1814. And also in August. Just like now. KJ planned this for history,” AP finished, as the group looked onto a White House engulfed in flames.

The entire group of President’s men, and the President, were dead. The country and the world was finding out right now because KJ had uploaded video of the group posing for AP’s picture side by side with the White House in flames.

The President’s security team, his propaganda team, his security teams, and all the major U.S. and International news networks received KJ’s footage, thereby ensuring the truth got out before the story could be managed by the U.S. government.


Amidst the sirens, the police and fire cars and trucks, the military helicopters and fighter pilots, the ladies heard KJ in their ear pieces.

“Ladies, it’s time to go. Things are about to get worse. I have made certain that many historical items were taken out of the White House while you were at the party. You all need to get on The Metro. You will each get on the Blue Line as follows:

Beast: Farragut West. It’s furthest from where you all are, and I know you’re mad about missing your workout. Go.

Peg and Niece: Metro Center. Go.

AP: Federal Triangle. Go.

Niwt: Smithsonian. Go.

Go all the way to the end of the line – Lago Town Center and I will pick you up there. See you soon, ladies. Good job.”

“KJ, did we get them all?” Beast asked for the group as they each were on their way to their assigned Metro station.

“All of them, yes.” The line of succession is in effect and the now dead President’s daughter will be president and she is now in hiding. I know where and we will deal with her later. All the staff got out, as did the guests, thanks to you all. I’ll debrief you all later. See you soon!”

As they each sat on the Metro they could each look back and see the fire, the smoke, hear the alarms, and envision the chaos that was now happening in and around the White House.



What they couldn’t see, and what they wouldn’t find out until much later, were the British, French, and Argentinian ships off the Eastern seaboard that began launching attacks just as the fire was reaching its peak.

The British were again attacking and the destroyer ship the Dragon, the Aircraft Carrier, The Agamemnon, and the French were attacking with the Nuclear Submarine, The Charles de Gaulle.

The British and French were all in the theatre of war against their former ally on U.S. soil. Again.

Only this time the European allies were invited in by The Republic of California and its allies – Japan, Argentina, Germany, and others, as they sought to take down the old U.S. Government once and for all.

California troops launched a ground war against the old South, starting in Texas and moving East and deeper into the South. They received support from Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and Chile’s Joint Naval Protection Consortium.

War had returned to American soil. Civil War had returned to American soil. And America would never be the same, as Californian States led the fighting.


The team met KJ at the pick-up location. They all hugged and even KJ allowed them a moment to “take it all in” as she said. She let them know about the attacks from the allies and let them feel the weight of history that they helped initiate. Change would come, and there would be a lot more fighting and war to come as they sought to overtake the old government and their forces.

“But right now, we need to leave. This place will be a war zone in a few hours and there’s work for us to do elsewhere,” KJ said, as she hustled the team into brand new German SUV. It was equipped with bulletproof glass and body, multiple computer screens and communication devices, wireless hotspot that would only connect to KJ’s network, direct links to each of the war ships, BLM-PD HQ, and special communication monitoring equipment where KJ monitored the U.S government and military tactical responses to the attacks.


Even though the U.S. government communications were encrypted, KJ’s quantum processor – projected to be available to the world’s military in under twenty years – de-encrypted everything real-time, and relayed the information to the allies. The effect was devastating to the U.S. military as the allies were ready for every move they made, and quickly neutralized their foes with minimum loss of civilian life.

The U.S military had long been a shell of its former self as cronyism led to lack of training, limited funding, self-enrichment, lack of controls and maintenance checks, and years of neglect had left the once feared military a paper tiger.

California and its allies would prevail after eight years of war that saw millions of Americans killed, the lands of the far Northeast ceded to Canada, much of South Texas returned to Mexico, and the former American South a desolate wasteland of nuclear fallout.

The new United States Democratic States – U.S.D.S, had its Capital In San Francisco, with the new Senate in Los Angeles, Congress in San Jose, the Military in San Diego, and other government institutions in Sacramento, Oakland, Seattle, Mexico City, and other West Coast military bases.


The former military leaders – those who were still alive, were tried for treason and all were found guilty and sentenced to life – helping to clean the former Southern States of nuclear waste with newly developed science that required human application. The former government leaders were also tried for treason and most were found guilty and received sentences ranging from 20-50 years – of building homes, repairing roads, and other infrastructure work. All corporations who supported the failed government were relieved of their duties and forbidden from every leading any company and were assigned to shelters that were set up to help those displaced by the war.

All police, judges, prosecutors, prison guards, the CIA, FBI, NSA, and Homeland security were fired and many were jailed.

BLM-PD was in charge of establishing new policing forces that were modeled on successful police forces from around the world. And their efforts started with disarming the 3% of men who owned almost 95% of all firearms. Only citizens of the California States could own firearms, and those were limited to one handgun and one hunting rifle, and only after one-hundred hours of training, certification, and followed by twice annual inspection and certification. And no one could apply for a firearm before the age of twenty-five and no one could have a firearm after the age of 60. No man who committed any crime, ever, could own a firearm. And there were other restrictions designed to finally address an issue that only happened in the former United States – mass murder, relentless murder, nonstop killings and accidents by guns.

Dez was named Chief Diplomat and special government liaison to the rebuilding of the country and, though no one knew, chief of all spies by BLM-PD.

KJ resumed her life and continued to work to improve the world through her covert actions, hacking, and disrupting foreign countries who had brutal regimes.

AP wrote the history, wrote the copy for the documentaries, and flooded the internet with real news of the rebellion, resistance, and the war, helped by KJ who also launched intelligent programs that deleted propaganda and fake news thereby finally cleaning up much of the web.


The teams went back to their lives. Until a year later when each received a video message from KJ on their communication devices. The message said:

“Hello ladies. I have your next mission. We will meet at our safe house in Mendocino in one week, where we will discuss in detail when, where, what. I know you want to know and though I won’t say more now, I will tell you this: Prepare to leave the country. See you soon!”

Beast thought: I hate when KJ does that. And; I need to pack workout clothes. And this time I will beat Niwt.

Niwt thought: Good. I was getting restless. And; I’m going to show Beast a few new tricks.

Niece thought: Wait until the girls see my new mini-bows, as she twirled one in her hands.

Peg thought: How can she not tell me what climate we’re going to?! How do I know which face and skin products to bring?

AP thought: I’ve still got writing to do for this revolution, and now I’ve got more to record and write? I love it.

KJ thought: They’re ready, but this will be so much harder for them. We will need a practice run and I know just the country we need to disrupt. She looked at her tablet where the countries of North Korea and China were highlighted.





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