BLM-PD – Chapter 2: State Of The Union

Written by M.J.C

Niwt followed the plan to the letter and, after having seen Mr. Scopes at the gym, coming and going, she confirmed where Mr. Scopes parked, and what he exited with in his hands – his Cleveland Indians water bottle and his gym bag – he never took his firearm into the gym, but instead left it pinned under the front seat of his pick-up truck, with another in his glove box, and one more underneath his steering wheel.

Niwt trained in Muay Thai martial arts so she was fit and could throw devastating leg blows and sharp elbows with weight-balanced maximum force, while remaining calm and at least three moves ahead in her movements than what her opponent expected. Beast knew some of this about Niwt, but not all.

Niwt watched him come and go a few times, as planned, and she never saw Beast, though she knew Beast was somewhere near watching her – she was back-up in case something went wrong. Nothing would go wrong, Niwt thought.

Tonight was the night, she’d decided. He would come walking out in ten minutes.

Niwt thought about the ramifications of what was to come.


The country was at its most unsettled since the original Civil War, and at its most divided since the post Civil Rights era. Following the midterm elections some years ago there had been riots in fifteen States – with white supremacists leading the way, upset that their candidates had been swept from office in a rebuke of the President and his Party. The President fanned the flames and the supremacists were energized by his support; support that was locked in for all of history the day after the those midterms when the President called a press conference to say that he was officially running for re-election on a platform of White Supremacy Now and Forever!

Most disheartening were the military men standing aside and behind him, from all branches of the military, and most of the Senate and almost all of The Congress. He was also flanked by thirty-six Republican Governors, and thousands of Federal and State officials and police officers. Almost all of the Supreme Court was there, as were hundreds of Federal Judges, and 450 of the CEO’s from the Fortune 500, plus other CEO’s.

It was a jarring scene that had been orchestrated as a show of force: A Strong Man leader with his power base. The white supremacists were now calling themselves City Soldiers, and there were tens of millions of them.

For the next two years heading to the election there was violence and little to no resistance, as the Democratic party pleaded with the electorate to “wait until the election” to show your disapproval and make change real”.

No Republican dared run against the Strong Man leader as he surrounded himself with the might of the military, spy agencies, a personal security team and personal black ops team, and personal Intelligence team.


He won the election in a landslide as his base voted for him in overwhelming numbers, and many white Democrats solidified his hold on the Government by aligning with his message of White Supremacy Now and Forever! The white democrats rationalized their vote for him on the basis of working with him and not causing another Civil War.

At his Inauguration he spoke for only fifteen minutes.

Niwt recalled his speech:

“White Americans. For too long you have been made to feel ashamed of your heritage! You and your ancestors built this country! There were people here who were savages and had nothing! They created nothing! They’re gone and good riddance!

Some like to say we had help! Well, they LIE! They all LIE! The slaves didn’t help – they were a burden! A BURDEN! And the slaves, the blacks (laughter) are STILL A BURDEN! And the gays! The Feminazis! And the fake transexuals WHO DON’T EXIST!

Well, NO MORE, I tell ya! NO MORE!

For too long we have taken care of the blacks, the Mexicans and illegals, the single mothers on welfare, the gangbangers, the drug addicts, criminals, and thugs!

They rape our women and steal our jobs!


(Thunderous applause)


We are a NEW and BETTER COUNTRY now that whites are back in charge of everything! We are at the top because we built this country and we will not allow the the blacks, the gays, the women, or the Mexicans to take over!

The Final Steps to Making America Better than Ever are here!

(Thunderous applause)


Step 1. All Federal Voting is effectively suspended until we are absolutely certain our voting systems cannot ever be hacked again! No more fake votes, no more fraud, no more fake winners!

(Thunderous applause)

Step 2. Effective Immediately ALL Federal Prisoners will have no TV, no schooling, no ability to file lawsuits, no phones, no correspondence and very limited medical care! To the bad people in prison I say: If you are in Federal prison right now, your sentence is LIFE. You are a bad person and you are not getting out. EVER!

(Thunderous applause)

You will have work though. Everyone in prison is now considered FREE labor by any company who wishes to use them – all textiles, manufacturing, customer service, and all the other jobs that are now offshore can now be done right here in the U.S.A!!

(Thunderous applause)

These fine CEO’s here will give you all jobs to do!

(Thunderous applause)

Step 3. Any black, Mexican, non-white person, or gay person arrested for drugs will receive an immediate sentence of life in prison – no expensive trials or lawyers – use drugs, go to jail IMMEDIATELY!

(Thunderous applause)


We will clean up their drug-infested neighborhoods and put them to work for these fine CEO’s, and the blacks and Mexicans who are left, will work for you and be happy to do so!

(Thunderous applause)

Step 4. All blacks, Mexicans, gays, and any other non-white person will no longer hold any job where they are the boss of any white person ever again. Including the military. They work for YOU!

(Thunderous applause)

Step 5. No black or Mexican, gay, or non-white American will be eligible for borrowing money without a sponsorship by an honorable, hardworking white person. That’s right! YOU get to decide who gets some of OUR money and that includes: Home Loans, Debt Relief, Student Loans, Welfare, Disability, Medicare, and Social Security. They all will treat you good for now on!”

(Thunderous applause)

The applause was louder than ever and people were hugging, cheering, and some were crying tears of joy. They were all ages, but only one race. The few people of color in the crowd wore shocked looks on their faces as they realized the horror they helped bring about. The independents were shocked, too, as they thought the President would now start acting more presidential since he won re-election. And the Democrats who had moved over to vote for him were happy as they realized they were now protected and no longer needed to carry the burden of making the races equal.

He waited for the crowd to quiet.

Step 6. Finally. Finally he said a little more quietly. I have worked so hard for you. But there’s still work to be done. I am starting my second term.

(Thunderous applause)

But you know. I can’t do all I need to do for you in just the next four years. And let’s be honest, it’s not really four, it’s two, because of the midterms. I need more time.

(Eight more years, eight more years, eight more years…)

I hear you. Eight is not enough! I need more!

(Twelve more years, twelve more years..)


(Twenty more years, twenty more years, twenty more years!)


Niwt was shaking remembering that night. The attending Supreme Court justices, with the military looking on, swore in the President for a twenty year term, to be completed by his chosen successor if he dies, and that successor was limited to only one of his biological kids who would also be sworn in for successive twenty-year terms.

America was now a family dictatorship with the full backing of the military, the law, and corporate America. And millions of white Americans who were still the largest group of Americans supported the new regime that supported them.

Niwt shook herself out of her memory as Mr. Scopes was exiting the gym. He was walking slowly and almost wavering. She wasn’t certain but she thought he looked sick. No matter, she thought.

She exited her car and walked toward him.

He was a murderer, she thought. They all were.

She was ready. And she decided she would not start with the weapon KJ had given her.

She knew KJ and Beast would be upset and angry but she didn’t care. This was personal and she would see to it that she was as personal as she could be.

© 2017 All Rights Reserved.


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  1. I almost Felt as if I stopped Breathing when you wrote about 20 years… To exist in that world would be devastating. I hope we are taking out who needs to be handled!!! Ughhhhh. I have to wait a whole Nother week??

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