BLM-PD – Chapter 1: Memorial Day

Written by M.J.C

“With this being our first mission, I am going to lead us,” Beast said. She was in charge, always, and she wanted Niwt to know that. They knew each other in a previous life and did not like each other. They didn’t respect each other, either, but each recognized the will and strength of the other. They shared a common friend and that was what brought them together.

Niwt simply replied: “I will do what I have to do.” And: “I don’t work for you.”

And so they drove.

They mostly remained silent and only occasionally discussed how they would complete their mission. They carried no files or any other records of their mission. They accessed what they needed online from their secured HQ Cloud account via their mobiles – they used one mobile per day, with each one preloaded and authenticated by KJ at KJ’s home, and where she gave them explicit instructions on how to use, how to retrieve up-to-date mission data, and how and when to dispose of each mobile.

KJ also told them that if the mobile wasn’t disposed of per her instructions, the mobiles would automatically dispose of themselves, and they did not want that to happen with the mobile still on their person. She confirmed that a routine check of the mobile, say by a police officer or if it was left at a restaurant or gas station, would only show basic phone stuff that was also preloaded and could not be traced. Each FP was required to study the contents of their mobile while they were at KJ’s home and on their drive.


KJ also supplied their weapons and ammunition.

KJ was a technological genius. And she was completely off the grid. She had an identity online that was her true self for much of her adult life, but her other identities were obscure and not linked to her in any way. She could code in over 300 coding languages. The best coders could could in ten or so, the secret agencies had enough staff to code in over 150, and there were a few hackers who were in the 200 hundred range and who were known to all the spy agencies in the world. KJ was unknown and she was aware of all the best hackers, the black sites where federal hackers and spies worked, and she had secured access to military codes, secret operations, and all databases for the FBI, CIA, NSA, and a host of other secret agencies. She had no other contacts that she worked with and even the BLM-PD spies knew nothing of her, save for one – and she was working on this mission for and with KJ.

KJ had never used a weapon, but she became a weapon’s expert by studying military reports of weapons used in the field of operations -but known and unknown weapons and operations – and her access to weapon’s manufacturers databases and test results help guide her to and away from weapons. And due to lax laws, poor tracking and accountability, and the expansion of the 2nd Amendment, she had slowly acquired enough weapons for a small assault force. The weapons for the first mission were stored at her home, while other more advanced and deadly weapons were off site, off the grid, and only known to KJ and her spy. In addition, KJ had stored weapons in safe houses along all parts of the California border.

Beast and Niwt were chosen for the first mission because they are so different and yet alike in their intensity and common sense. BLM-PD did not want any of the others – mothers who’d lost children – because this first mission needed to be flawless, the FPs needed to have no obvious connections to BLM-PD if something went wrong, and because each won the argument with all the other volunteers on why they should be first.

The country was at war with itself and had been for a few election cycles as white supremacy was again in control of the Federal government, almost all Governors, and most of the Senate and Congress. There was no more Republican party. Instead, the party now called itself: RPE – Ruling Party Eternal (the full name was: The People’s Ruling Party Eternally Graced by God, Sustained by Men, and Rulers to All).


The opposition party was reeling after a string of midterm and general election losses that caused the party to completely collapse following the most recent election. There didn’t seem to be any real sustained or coordinated resistance from the new opposition parties that included: PW’s – Progressive-Warren, whose mascot was an Owl to represent Progressives who valued thinking; LR’s – Liberal – Rodham, whose mascot was the number “3” representing three members of one family who had run for president; OP’s – Online Party, whose mascot was represented by @Black Twitter and, La Raza, whose mascot was the cosmos to represent coexistence of all people.

The opposition parties’ each won small victories in formerly “blue” states but they did not hold significant Federal Power. They were strongest in California, where each originated, and there were efforts to build an army and those efforts had recently started to advance.

Two days into their trip they’d reached Missouri, and they headed straight to the Michael Brown memorial in Ferguson. Michael’s death was one in a long line of deaths that formed the basis for the formation of the BLM-PD and as such Beast and Niwt agreed on this one thing: they would stop and pay respects to Michael Brown.

And to many of the others killed: Emmett Till. Amadou Diallo. LaTanya Haggerty. Manuel Loggins Jr. Ronald Madison. Kendra James. Sean Bell. Margaret LaVerne Mitchell. Eric Garner. Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. Akeil Denkins. Gregory Gunn. Sandra Bland. Samuel Dubose. Ezell Ford. Freddy Gray. Natasha McKenna. Walter Scott. Christian Taylor.Tamir Rice.Yvette Smith. Rekia Boyd. Shereese Francis.

And many, many, many, many others.


It was a sunny and somber day when they reached Michael Brown’s memorial. There were fresh flowers, a few signs, and a few other families visiting. The memorial had been up for many years, after a few years of protests by those opposed to placing the memorial so close to City Hall. There was a court fight and counter protests that turned violent. Ultimately the land was purchased by an unknown buyer and donated to the Michael Brown Center for Justice and Police Reform, and they put the memorial up. There were rumors about who bought the land and attempts to find out led to many shell companies and offshore companies that all led to dead ends.

BLM-PD knew who bought and donated the land. BLM-PD had many anonymous donors who, due to the charged political firestorm associated with BLM, had to remain confidential. This donor would surprise everyone, if anyone could find out.

Leaving the memorial Beast said: “I remember hearing about the riots here. I ignored them until our friend Jack told me. He often told me about current events.” Niwt listened.

“I wasn’t interested in politics or many current events at all. None of it interested me. He’d tell me things and I let him, but I wasn’t really that interested. I regret that it took me so long to understand why this was important to him.”

“I miss him.”

Niwt was silent.

Then she said: “I didn’t know you weren’t interested in current events. Why aren’t you?”

“I just lived my life and focused on making myself happy; and the news didn’t help and whenever I heard any news story I just dismissed it. Unless it was about dogs and animals. People deserved what they got. That’s what I thought. But he never stopped showing and telling me stories about oppression and abuse and the justice system. I listened to him but I just didn’t get involved. I loved dogs more than his stories of real people being killed.”


Is that why you chose your name, “Beast?” Niwt asked.

“Partially. He called my dog, Mojito, Beast. Mojito loved him. I know he didn’t love dogs like I do, but he loved Beast.”

“Did you talk to him about these killings? And why did you choose your name?” Beast asked Niwt, because she wanted to know and she wanted to stop talking about him.

“He never talked to me about issues like this,” Niwt said. “He talked of the universe and his own struggles. He came to me for advice and he shared his fears. But he never talked of justice or abuse or anything like that. I don’t know why he didn’t but I wish he had. I also wish I had asked him, because I never did.”

She went on: “I knew, though, that these things bothered him because every now and then he’d post a story or comment on a story that I posted and he’d have sharp words. The signs were there. I chose my name because it is easier for everyone to say than my first choice.”

“What was your first choice?” Beast asked.

Aducător de moarte.”

There was silence while Beast considered if she wanted to know what that meant.

Niwt answered before Beast could ask: It means “Bringer of Death in Romanian”.

Then she said: “We will avenge him. And the others. All the others. One by one they will pay. If needed, I will take every mission by myself. I will bring death.”

Beast said: “Things will never be the same once first our mission is complete.”

“Good,” Niwt said, “things should never be the same. I’ll make sure of it.”

“I will,” Beast said.

“I will,” Niwt replied.

And they drove on.


“Let’s go over our plan again,” Beast said, the next morning as they started their drive.

It was early and they were already on the road, having left Missouri on I-70, ready for the almost 9 hour drive to Cincinnati. They had reviewed the plans before leaving – KJ insisted on it – and they had spoken about their roles, as defined by KJ. KJ had made them read the plan separately, then as a group with the three of them, and then again just the two of them.


KJ asked them for feedback and, Beast being Beast, pointed out that she, Beast, would have final say-so on the plan since she would be in the field to execute the plan.

Niwt questioned why there was only one target, saying, “if they were going to take such a long road trip, they could easily stop in multiple places to take out multiple targets.”

On this point Beast agreed.

KJ wasn’t having it though, as her plan had been fully vetted by the executive team; approved by the eventual leaders of the new government – the Mothers of the Movement (MOMS), and set in motion with spies who were in proximity to the first target. The spies were put in place as early as 2019 – TOMS is what they were called – Targeted Operational Mission Spies – to befriend the organization where the targets worked and to provide intelligence on movement, habits, routes to and from work, home, bars, restaurants, gyms, and patrol routes.

Also, the spy provided intelligence on others within the department and their habits as well, to ensure the target would be alone when the mission was carried out.

KJ insisted, on behalf of the MOMs that there be no collateral damage. Ever.

To Beast and Niwt, KJ was the boss because she gave the orders. But they also knew that they alone would bear ultimate responsibility for what was to come and, if there were any mistakes, they had to protect KJ’s identity at all costs because she was a direct link to all the other parts of the movement. And the movement could not be discovered before it was ready and before it was too late for a response from the Ruling Party.


Beast said: “Okay, we will park the car at Richie’s used car dealership on 14th street; Richie is expecting us. He will give us our own cars and we will be on our own. I will drive to the “Stay Here Motel” on Scott road, and use the first of my three ID’s.”

Per their instructions from KJ, they would not share their alternate identities with one another. They were to be independent from each other and only check in with KJ at the appointed time.

“I will go to the first checkpoint in three days at 7a , at Stacey’s Soul Breakfast cafe. If I we are a “go” and I will notify you on one of your phones. Then we will meet at our next checkpoint two days later.

Beast went over a few more details before looking at Niwt, who was looking back intensely.

Okay, here is my part, Niwt continued. “TOM has given me the schedule of the target: He is working overnights, Thursday – Monday, in the Keller neighborhood where he received strong support during his trial. He was rewarded with an easy patrol area. He frequents Nichole’s coffee and pastries; his gym is Arnold’s Fitness – owned by a former cop – and where he works out Sunday and Monday mornings; and Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, usually from 2-4.”

“Here is my gym membership,” she said, without showing Beast her alias. “KJ shows me as a member for two years, with billing to a fake local address, my workout plan and results, and my documented consultations.”

“When will you engage the target?” Beast asked.

“Next Wednesday, approximately one hour before he leaves, after he has lifted, and before he showers. I will see him on the left side of the lobby pass-through where the camera cannot see my face.”

“I got this, Beast,” Niwt said, sounding irritated.

“That’s what I am worried about,” Niwt. “I want to get him before you. I know you’re good and I want you to succeed but there’s a part of me that hopes you do not – I don’t want you hurt, don’t get me wrong – I just want my shot.”

“Well, you may get it. But probably won’t,” Niwt said unapologetically.

Beast went on: “I don’t like the fact that KJ gave you first priorities. I knew our friend longer, I should have first priorities. And if I get a chance, I will take him out.”

“You won’t get a chance. He’s mine,” Niwt responded forcefully.

“If I get a chance, he’s dead,” Beast responded with equal force.

Beast was silent for a few moments before asking and confirming: “You will take him out within two weeks, after he leaves his lunch break at Bob’s Big Boy Donuts, between 1:30a and 2:30 am, before he reaches his patrol car. You will fire four times, just like he did. You will keep your weapon so that it is returned to KJ so it can be preserved for history.”

“We will rendezvous at 2p at Richie’s Used cars where he will have a car waiting. And where we will turn on our other mobile and get our next instructions.”

They soon pulled the car into the Richie’s used cars and went their separate ways, in different cars, with different ID’s, and their plans still running through their minds.


© 2017 All Rights Reserved


  1. Not sure why this made me tear up… maybe it’s because I am proud of you for making me listen, to keep me updated, and force your words into my head, or maybe because you love beast. Either way… the shit is about to go down!


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