BLM-PD – Introduction

Written by M.J.C

First Mission

Year: Future
First Mission: Report Summary
Case name: Kenny Williams
Submitted by: Field Personnel: Beast & Niwt
Date: April 2
Mission Date (s): March 1st – March 20
Mission Status: Completed
BLM-PD injuries: XXX
Targets killed: Confidential
Targets captured: Zero (0)
Collateral injuries: One (1)
Mission Rating (1-5): 4 (see: Conclusion).

Mission Summary submitted by Beast with addendums by Niwt.

On February 27th I was asked to partner with Niwt on the first official mission of BLM-PD. Our target was Mr. C. Scopes. Mr. C. Scopes shot and killed Mr. K. Williams in Cincinnati, OH, on February 3rd, 2019, during a police stop and without provocation. Mr K. Williams was stopped for speeding even though his car computer showed him driving at the speed limit. Recorded video, official and unofficial, shows Mr. C. Scopes drew his weapon after Mr. Williams asked why he was being pulled over. Mr. Scopes became agitated and immediately threatened to arrest Mr. Williams if he refused to obey orders. Mr. Williams again asked why he was stopped and at this point Mr. Scopes shot and killed Mr. Williams.


Mr. Williams was shot four (4) times at close range (head, torso, arm, hand) and died instantly.

Mr. Scopes was placed on paid leave.

At trial Mr. Scopes was acquitted of all charges by an all white jury, judge, prosecutor, forensic experts, police trainers, police department leadership, and his partner. In addition, his pastor, father (retired cop), high school football coach, and coffee shop owner all testified on his behalf.

Speaking on Mr. Williams behalf was his mother, Eunice Scopes, who recalled her son’s youth, his graduation, his college test scores, losing his father at an early age, his inventions, and his love for LeBron James.



The Jury took less than two hours to acquit Mr. Scopes and on February 27th, Mr. Scopes returned to the force and was greeted with a hero’s welcome upon entering the station and receiving his badge and gun (see video attachment).

I was assigned this case on February 28, and was given one month to complete the assignment. I was asked to partner with Niwt and, despite my protest, we were made a team.

FP Niwt and I met on February 28th, from 10a – 11p, and mapped out our strategy for the mission, our failsafe plans, our weapons, our escape should we encounter the enemy, and our driving, eating, music, and sleeping patterns as we agreed to leave first thing in the morning.

On March 1st, FP Niwt and I started our drive to Cincinnati.


[To be continued…]

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