A Creation Story

Written by M.J.C

A Creation Story like you have never read before!

Read. Share. Indulge. 

Part 1

“All of religion is merely men mansplaining God”

Part 2

All of Creation is merely a birthing story”

Part 3

Creation is merely an expression of wanting friends”

Part 4

Creation is merely multitasking on a universal scale”

Part 5

“All births are from Mothers”

Part 6

The Universe and Children love Structure”

Part 7

“Creation is merely the process of growing up”

Part 8

“Creation is merely and always an act of love”

Part 9a

All of Creation is merely a new beginning”

Part 9b

“All of Creation is merely the act of making friends”



© 2017 A Creation Story. All Rights Reserved. 


  1. I enjoy your style of writing. Very concise! You say a lot in few words. You gave me a lyft ride last night and I told you I’d read some of your work and it’s beautiful!! If you want to check mine out it’s on picsandpoems.wixsite.com/hannahandmaddy I hope you enjoy it!


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