A Creation Story, Part 8

Written by M.J.C

Creation is merely and always an act of love.

Mother, I know what I have to do, the Daughter said.

The Goddess Mother was still.

You are ready, my Daughter. And my Orb is ready. I am with you.

The Daughter considered her Mother. She had always been her Mother. And she had always been her Goddess. She was The Goddess Mother. Creator of all things.

Sustainer of all her Creation and First of All Creations everywhere in all Universes, past present and future.

No one had ever seen the Goddess Mother in her Glory or true form, except the Daughter.

The Daughter considered the Goddess Mother and loved her. She loved her garden, and her creatures, and her planets and galaxies, and atoms, and black holes, and singularities, and protons and neutrons, and mountains, and rain.

She so loved her rain!

And she loved her wisdom and her stories; she loved her jokes and how she laughed. She loved when she talked to the Sun and laughed with the Moon deep into the night. She loved when the Elf Queen and first friend visited and the Goddess Mother allowed her to listen to them talk in a language only the three of them understood. And she marveled at their love for one-another and how caring and loving they were to and with each other. And she laughed at their fights and arguments over silly things like why the Goddess created an Event Horizon at the edge of black holes, or why there was a speed limit in her Universe, or why matter and dark matter acted strangely or why she played tricks with time travel! They argued over Causality and the strangeness of the Quantum world and micro-universes (The Goddess simply said Art goes where it will).  


They argued over which flower was prettiest and which tree was best; which fruit was sweetest (watermelon always won); and why she made so many different animals; what could she have possibly have been thinking when she made the badger, or skunk, or lobster, or wombat, or anteater!

They argued and debated for years and years over these same discussions that never had a resolution.

They loved one another and were partners in all things. The Daughter wished that type of love for all the creatures on the Orb. But it was not to be.

And now the Daughter took her final form. She had many forms that allowed her to settle into all civilizations and all places. She did not have a favorite size, or color, or look – she loved all her forms. Civilization had many names for her, many hundreds of names. None were her true name though, and none captured her true form as Daughter.

For this task she settled her form so that it would send a message to the humans.

She would be Everything. And Every Daughter. She would have long hair. And short hair. Curly hair and straight hair. She would wear an afro, and she would wear her hair straight down her back. And she would wear all her curls in full chaos beauty. She would have black, brown, gold, red, grey, and many other colors of hair. She would be bald. And she would wear a hijab that covered her hair, and she would wear a niqab that covered her hair and only showed her eyes. Henna was on her hands. And her Henna told of her love for the Goddess and Mother, her love for the Elf Queen, the cat-god and dog-god, and for all her friends and creatures.  The Daughter’s Henna was the original Henna from which all Henna flowed on all sisters even until now.

The Daughter was tall and her settled color was the color of coffee, with just enough cream so that she was sun-kissed about her face. All versions that showed her hair would now show it  wrapped in colorful strings with gems sprinkled here and there; and she had multi-colored silk tied into her thick twists – the thick twists were in honor of her Mother; and the scarves of many colors were also in honor of her Mother’s streak of lightning in her own hair and the curved colors in the sky.

She was as close an approximation of the Goddess, in one form, as anyone would ever see or be allowed to see.

The Daughter’s eyes settled to a darker than light brown, and behind them the Sun rested; and the Moon was in her hands.

She sent love to her Goddess Mother and said simply: It it time.


The Goddess Mother blessed her and said: Go Forth; You are my Daughter.

And the Daughter first called her sisters to her. The sound shocked the humans and all the lands trembled at the sound of the Daughter’s call to her sisters.

All the daughters, all the witches, and all their sisters recognized the Daughter’s voice and rejoiced. And out of the dark places, and light places; and out of the caves and forests, out of the great cities, and slums, and out of the hospitals and drug dens, and out of the fields, and prisons, and out of the industry, they heard their sister the Daughter and they came to her from all over the Orb.

The world trembled and the armies of humans found common cause to cease their wars to fight together against what was coming.

The leaders of human government and their armies gathered with the religious leaders and reached agreement: Evil had arrived and the Great Whore was here to destroy the age of science, technology, and civilization. The human governments, religions, and their armies must unite and destroy her, they all decided and agreed.

And so the call went out to all the earth to gather all armies and all able bodies to unite to fight the Great Whore and the Great Evil.

Millions answered the call of the earth leaders. Then Billions. They gathered all over the earth and brought their weapons of war with them and they prepared for what they called the Final Battle.

The Daughter welcomed her sisters with tea, ice-cream, chocolate, stories, laughter, and love. The land smelled of cherry-almond. The sisters didn’t bring weapons or hate or anger. Not even the woman warriors from the secret island. They and every sister brought love. And they loved their Daughter and she loved them back and shared the love from the Mother Goddess. They came by the millions. And then billions. And they were every creature, and every type of being on the Orb. Magical, legendary and myths, all came to the Daughter. And all the animals and beasts heard the Daughter’s call and went to her and loved her. And she loved them back. All came, large and small, swimmers and fliers. And dragonflies and fireflies who celebrated their reunion after millennia looked forward to again becoming Dragons.

And cats and dogs came, led by the cat-god and dog-god. Billions of cats and dogs who followed their cat-god and dog-god to the Daughter. And she loved them all and they loved her back, even the cats. And the cat-god settled next to the Daughter and started purring and all the cats purred their love to the cat-god and she transferred their love and energy to the Daughter.

And all the dogs and wolves howled and barked in celebration. For they had finally found their answer to the Eternal question they long sought: Who’s a good dog? For the answer came from the Daughter herself who said to the gathered dogs who were lined up behind the dog-god: Where are all my good dogs? Here you all are! You are all good dogs! Come to your Daughter.

And the dogs loved the Daughter and she loved them back.


Then the Daughter asked the Orb to send to her all the sisters who were sleeping in the Orb; in the ground and in the oceans; those early daughters who were asleep for millions of years and the daughters who went to sleep in the last few minutes.  And the Orb woke all the sleeping sisters and sent them to the Daughter.

And then the Daughter called for all the helpers to come to her. These were daughters and sons who also loved the Goddess Mother even when they weren’t quite sure there was a Goddess Mother. They were called to the Daughter because they treated the Orb with love; they protected the weak and they cared for the creatures. They healed the land and protected the water, and air, and flowers. They were caretakers, artists, poets, singers, writers, teachers, caretakers, musicians, lovers, babies, grandmothers, aunts, and nieces, and all of the Divine Feminine.

They all came to the Daughter and she welcomed them, women, girls, men, and boys. And they understood and loved her back.

Now the armies of civilization were gathered all over the Orb and now they were ready. They had been watching and listening from the sky as the Daughter gathered her army and they also watched from land and sea and they planned to soon attack from all those places so that they would surprise what they called the Great Evil and the Great Whore.

The time of the Final Battle was come.

The attacks started when the Sun went down one beautiful evening. The attacks first came from the sky as unseen super fast flying machines dropped thousand upon thousands of great bombs. And even faster machines dropped even more bombs.

At the same time, the Daughter had gathered all the fireflies and dragonflies to either side of her.

She spoke and said: Please, unite.

And there was a great buzz as the insects swirled and swirled around the Daughter in celebration! For they would be whole again!

In a few moments the fireflies and dragonflies were gone, and in their place rested dragons by the hundreds of thousands. There were magnificent in their terror and beautiful in their colors.

Their eyes shone forth to the gathered sisters and creatures, and in their eyes was the fire of love for their Daughter and their Goddess. All the gathered were silent in reverence at the magnificent creatures that were so loved by the Goddess and Daughter, and so feared by the humans.

And then the dragon wings started flapping and mighty roars filled the air in celebration and shook the Orb in faraway places, even to the gathered government and religious leaders.

Then the Daughter said, Dragon Queen, come to me.

And the Dragons quieted and parted. And the Dragon Queen approached the Daughter. She was bigger in size than the human’s flying machines.

She was multiple colors of purple. She was beautiful. She was regal. She was what the humans called a horror. But the Dragon Queen was created by the Goddess for just this time and place and like all of the Goddess creations, she was beautiful and full of love for the Goddess Mother and the Daughter.

The Dragon Queen approached the Daughter and said: Daughter, it is good to see you. You have your Mother’s eyes.

And the Daughter (thought, remind myself to change my eye color), bowed to the Dragon Queen and said, thank you, Queen and Sister. Mother says hello and asked that you visit her deep inside her and ignite a fire. And also, would you be so kind as to ask your Dragons to disperse those things that are about to fall on us?

The Dragon Queen looked up. Fire now covered her lavender colored eyes and she spoke to her thousands of dragons. Her language was the sound of an approaching earthquake. And the dragon hoard responded in kind.

And then, silence.

And then thousands upon thousands of dragons took to the air in resplendent colors that mirrored the many colors of the gardens they had attended to for the Goddess all these millennia.

Thousands of dragons in whose belly the oldest fires lived released their fire in great streaks that burned bomb after bomb, causing them to explode in the air and causing the dragons to feed on what was left of the bombs. The skies were filled with explosions that were met with all the colors of Dragon Fire and a dragon feeding festival that colored the sky and made the Daughter and her sisters and creatures laugh and smile in wonder at the magnificent art of the dragons.

The Dragons were whole again, now and forever, and they thanked the Daughter, who had eyes like her mother, for reuniting them. And they continued burning the falling bombs out of the air and the gathered sisters could hear what sounded like playing and laughing from the Dragons as they flew through the air, twirling this way and that, while bombs exploded all around them, by their own doing, and they bathed in the explosions which tickled them.

And the Dragon Queen flew into her former home, the largest volcano on the Orb and she descended hundreds of miles into its belly to her former home. The Mother welcomed her and they communed before the Dragon remembered her task.

The Queen of all Dragons, Friend of the Goddess, Lover of the Orb, and soon to be owner of all her gold again, discharged a great and mighty purple Dragon Flame deeper into the Mother.

And the Mother groaned. And then the Dragon fire turned upwards and ignited the rocks that lined the walls of the volcano. And then the Dragon Queen, satisfied, took to the air leading the explosion of purple flames of lava out of the volcano. The sight was impossible but happening and the world’s leaders turned to the giant volcano and witnessed a beautiful miracle that was terrifying to them.

The Dragon Queen flew out of the Volcano and into the sky and she was trailed by purple lava flames, and immediately there was an explosion that shook the Orb as the Mother released so much energy that had laid asleep in this one volcano. The dragons, who had finished eating all the bombs, were in a frenzy seeing their Queen lead the Holy Flame into the sky that burned up the large flying machines as they dropped their final bombs.

The skies were soon cleared of all flying machines and their bombs.

The armies reconsidered.

Next they attacked from the oceans from thousands of miles away. They turned their great battle boats to face the area where the Daughter had gathered her army and then just as they were set to launch their attacks the ocean began turning this way and that.

For the Daughter had visited the ocean and asked the Ocean creatures to help her to clear their waters again. The Great Whale, the Queen of all the oceans, heard the Daughter’s plea and responded.

The Great Whale Queen said, Daughter, please say hello to the Goddess and let her know we miss her and to please visit soon. The Daughter said she would let her Goddess know.

And then the great Whale Queen said: Daughter, I at first thought you were the Goddess, you have your Mother’s voice.

And the Daughter was gracious and thanked the Whale Queen for the compliment. (And thought, do I really sound so much like Mother?).

Then the Daughter said, Great Whale Queen and Sister, would you be so kind and prevent these war machines from harming my sisters and creatures gathered over there?

The Whale Queen replied: Of course, Daughter. See you soon.

And then the massive battle boats were pushed around by giant whales who pushed the boats away from where they drifted and turned them away from their targets. The great engines of war boats were no match for the hundreds of thousands of great whales. Many of the whales were awakened by the Orb and were the same whales who had been slaughtered for thousands of years by the humans. The whales slowly moved this way and that as they shoved the battle boats this way and that while they celebrated clearing their waters of the awful machines.

Today was the day that these giant beautiful creatures were created for, to shove the awful giant boats out-of-the-way for the Daughter and her sisters.

And for the soldiers who fell into the water, the Great Whale Queen sent more whales, dolphins, seals, sharks, and other great sea animals that helped the fallen warriors and keep them from being drowned. Or eaten.

Next came the soldiers on the ground who had been notified by the spies that now was the time to attack because the Great Evil and her demons were dancing unconcerned with the soldiers about to attack.

And attack they did in great steel machines and with great long-range weapons and bombs.

The soldiers used their technology that allowed them to see in the dark and they prepared their attacks. What they didn’t see were the thousands upon thousands of cats staring at them in the dark. The cat-god had been waiting patiently as her cats came from all over the Orb, from shelters, and from the wild plains. As they arrived, small cats and extremely large cats with mighty roars, spotted coats, black coats, streaky coats, and more, each paid tribute to the cat-god and took their places where they were not seen by the soldiers.

The cat-god and her cats did not need technology to see in the dark or to sneak up on anything. They were cats. This is what they were created for, this very moment.

So when the soldiers thought they were surprising the Daughter’s sisters and creatures, the cats had been watching them all along in the dark, so that as soon as the armies started moving, the millions of cats started their attack.

The attack by the cats so startled the soldiers that they started running from the great cat-god and her gigantic cats who unleashed mighty roars that shook the trees.

Running was just what the cats wanted the armies to do, for the dog-god loved to chase things. And catch things. And then to shake things this way and that in her sharp teeth before throwing things way away from her.

The dog-god and the dogs and wolves had been created for just this moment.

When the soldiers began running, the dogs began howling and started chasing them, following the lead of the dog-god who was now fierce and running like the wind. She was happy because she had so much to chase and when she caught her prey, she simply tossed them aside like a toy and made sure they were asleep before moving on to more prey. The dog-god commanded the same of the wolves and the wolves suppressed their desire for revenge because they loved the dog-god and so they copied her and sought her approval. There were millions of dogs and wolves and they had waited patiently for the soldiers to attack. And now they were having more fun than they’d ever had and they loved the dog-god and Daughter for giving them so many things to chase, catch, toss, chase some more, toss a few more times high in the air, and to have so much fun.

But not only the dogs, but the creatures of old were also there: The elephants and rhinos; the bulls and bison; and there were even Prehuman creatures from the early life on the Orb – the dinosaurs who had been asleep so long they were groggy and hungry. They saw the giant steel machines and they loved the Daughter for giving them big slow food! The Daughter came to them and asked they that just crack the shells and let the dogs and wolves do the rest: she promised them big food later. Plants. They would get plants, the Daughter told herself, and no one would ever eat her creatures again.

And so the great ancient creatures, the dogs and wolves, and the many other creatures played with the attacking armies for many days and months without ceasing and the armies never reached the Daughter or her friends.

The great government and religious leaders monitored and saw what was happening and instead of loving the Daughter they decided to launch their most terrible weapons.

The religious leaders and government leaders were all in agreement: send the full arsenal to defeat the Great Whore and all her evil followers.


There was silence. And then great streaks lined the sky as the most terrible weapons launched from air, sea, low orbit, and land.

The Orb said to the Daughter: Daughter, be a dear and please handle those attacks. I don’t want to ruin the Goddess Garden. Be a Daughter, and protect me.

And the Daughter replied: I love you, Orb. I will protect Mother’s Garden. And all my paintings, she thought.

The Daughter then felt something deep inside her, and looked to see the Elf Queen, who was crying.

The Daughter walked to her and, laying one hand on her beautiful beyond dark hair, the Daughter asked: My Queen, what troubles you this joyous night of song and dance?

The ancient Elf Queen just smiled for a moment. Her tears were not of fear for the Daughter. Her tears were the tears of a proud step-parent. For the Elf Queen had known the Daughter from infancy to now, with the Daughter in the fullness of Womanhood.

You have grown into a lovely woman and it all happened so fast, she thought.

The Elf Queen had helped raise her as one of her own – and she had thousands of daughters and sons herself. The Goddess Mother had fully entrusted her First Born of the Orb to her friend and lover the Elf Queen and in this moment she was never more proud as a parent. She welcomed the Daughter, her Daughter, into her arms and she held her, as she did when she was a young girl spending centuries in the forest. She smelled her hair, and it smelled like the Goddess Mother, cherry-almond but with a dash of dog-god and cat-god breath and Elfin forest.

She loved her Daughter and her Daughter loved her back.

Then her Daughter said: I love you, Mamma, and the Elf Queen fully cried tears of joy and the Elfin Nation cried with her and remembered this moment forever and ever as the day the Elf Queen officially adopted the First Born Daughter.

The Elf Queen then said: Be the Daughter your Mother raised. And the Daughter said: I will be the Daughter that you and Mother raised, Mamma. And they kissed, Mamma and Daughter, embraced for the all the gathered to see, and all were in tears as colorful light embraced them and then the Words of the Goddess sounded:

“In my Daughter is all my love for Creation; And in the Elf Queen all my love for my Daughter is Entrusted.  Behold! My Loves!”

And the universe trembled and humbled itself before its Creator.

And the Elf Queen said: Go, Daughter, your Mothers are with you, always.

Then the Daughter left the gathering and turned her face upward.

She first paid tribute to the Wind. And the Wind howled back.

Next she asked the Orb to flip her magnetic field. The Orb did that on occasion just to play tricks on her children.

The flipped magnetic field caused the great long-range bombs to lose their navigation systems and fly aimlessly in the air.

Then the Daughter asked the clouds to cover the moon and cover the Orb.

And the clouds agreed and covered the Orb all around causing the great lasers in the sky to lose their targets and wait for the clouds to disperse.

Then the Daughter turned to the Sun and greeted the Sun as a sibling, sending her love. The Sun loved her back and asked what she could do to help?

Great Sister Sun, I will ask the clouds to part, and when they do, the great flying bombs will find their targets and start heading toward all my sisters. These bombs are even too terrible for my Dragon Queen.

Would you be so kind as to prevent them from landing on our heads? It would badly ruin our tea and our dancing and we are not quite finished. And Mother doesn’t want them to ruin her garden.

The Sun swelled with pride and honor. She loved her sister and she had waited billions of years for this request. She thought back to the Goddess being so kind to her, and she winked fire at her sister the Moon.

And the Daughter asked the Clouds to part, and they did. And at the same time the great missiles in the sky regrouped and found their targets and headed in the direction of the Daughter and her sisters and her creatures.

The government and religious leaders of the civilizations started to celebrate as they believed their greatest weapons would soon kill the Great Whore, her followers, and even the earth. They were proud of the coming destruction of billions of humans and trillions of creatures plants and gardens. This was why the humans had created all their weapons – to destroy all that they could in the name of their gods, their technology, and their science.

The Sun was ready. She directed her attention to the flying bombs and then she directed her energy in a massive Sun Flare that traveled at the Speed Limit the Goddess set (why did she do that, the Sun thought) and in an instant the flares reached all the great flying bombs and incinerated them in the air. And for good measure, the Sun sent Sun Flares to the great orbiting machines, and her Sun Flares instantly knocked out all of their great communication systems and those same systems on the Orb, leaving the great masses of civilizations unable to communicate across great distances.

The explosions of the giant flying bombs were beyond anything any of the Daughter’s sisters had ever seen; and bigger and more terrible than anyone had seen ever, in all the wars of civilization from the dawn of civilization.

This war was the final war and the war all other earth wars had been leading up to.

There was fallout from the great flying bombs and the Daughter had anticipated the fallout and she knew what would happen should the fallout reach the Orb.

So the Daughter asked some of the secret little things – particles, elements, bacteria, atoms, and smaller things that are family with matter and other secret things more ancient than all things, even the Elves – to protect her creatures and sisters. They were there at the beginning with the Goddess and they had explored secret multiverses and micro verses and the quantum world where the Goddess sometimes played.

Secret things, the Daughter started, would you be so kind and protect my sisters and creatures from the fallout of those great bombs?

And the secret things rejoiced for they loved the Daughter and knew of her coming from the beginning of this universe. They sent their love to the Daughter, and to the Goddess, and the Daughter returned their love.

Then the little things said: Hello Daughter, we love you and miss you and our Goddess. Please ask her to come play with us. And you please join her.

Also, your Aura is like the Goddess, and we thought you were her.

The Daughter thanked them for their compliment and invitation and she promised to visit soon.  (And thought: my, now even my Aura is like my Mother’s?).

And so the secret things saw the fallout and went to the fallout and changed the radiation and poison and other radioactive tiny things into flowers. Their abilities to change and manipulate matter was one of the hidden secrets the Goddess placed on the Orb that the civilizations could have found if they had focused on living and discovering and protecting the Orb instead of killing and destroying the Orb.

And so flowers rained down on the party of all the gathered sisters, helpers, and creatures, and the Daughter laughed a joyous laugh and the Sun said to her: Daughter, you laugh with the sound of your Mother. Everyone laughed and she did as well because she loved her Mother. (She also laughed to herself and accepted that she was, in fact, just like her Mother in many ways and that was a wonderful thing).

The leaders of the humans, the governments and religious leaders and others were angrier than ever that their attacks caused no harm to the Great Harlot. They conferred and decided their final attacks.


Now on the part of the Orb where the Daughter was, there was quiet. It was morning and all the witches and humans and magical beings were just waking up because the birds would not stop singing this early morning. But their song today was different from how it was over the past few months and years. They were louder, if that were possible, and celebratory.

Then they switched to singing a version of the Goddess Song that the Goddess sang when she wanted the Daughter to sleep. The unicorns joined in and even though everyone was just waking up, everyone was now sleepy again.

The birds and unicorns continued to sing. And they were joined by the fairies who had shown up unannounced some time ago.

And then the Daughter joined them. And her voice was like the morning dew; like a distant waterfall; her voice held much of the color the Goddess Mother had gifted the universe; it wasn’t quite the Goddess Mother’s color, of course, but it was the closest to the Goddess Mother’s voice that anyone would ever achieve, even the birds and unicorns because she, and only she, was the First Born of the Goddess Mother and Orb.

And so she sang and all the followers slept, save the witches and elves. They were each ancient, the elves more so, and thus they were the Daughter’s oldest sisters, confidants, and friends. Come to me, sisters, the Daughter called to the witches and Elves.

The final armies of civilization had regrouped and were just outside the imaginary borders they saw.

The Daughter sang her song and the Goddess Mother looked on proudly and with tears.

And then the Holy Rain came. Again. But it was not the Goddess Mother’s Holy Rain. It was the Daughter’s Holy Rain.

The Holy Rain announced the Daughter’s coming. And all the world took notice. And the armies of civilizations readied their attack.

Then the witches came to the Daughter. There were thousands, not millions. But thousands of witches with magic from the Goddess Mother and seeking to please the singing Daughter was startling in their power.

The armies prepared for the witch’s attack by attacking first.

But the witch’s power wasn’t attacking or fighting; their power was in self-sacrifice for their friend and sister, the Daughter, and thus the witches willingly laid down their lives for their Daughter, as they were created to do. The witches drew fire from the armies, and they were felled in great numbers. The civilizations had always projected evil onto witches and persecuted them. But the witches were the agents of the Goddess and were created for this moment of great sacrifice.

The armies attacked with a ferocity never seen before, even for humans. They shot bullets, and missiles, and chemicals, and lasers, and bombs, and more at the witches.

The witches continued to fall.

The Daughter watched and was saddened and proud of her witches because the witches did what they had been created to do: give their lives for the Goddess; the Orb; and, the Daughter. The witches were dying for the Daughter and their sacrifices would never be forgotten, even until now. The witches had been hunted, killed, hated, and scorned for thousands of years and yet they never stopped loving the Daughter, the Mother, and their Goddess.

The witches were blessed and favored of the Daughter, and they were not finished, for the witches who fell were greeted by their ancient familiars – the cats.

For the cat-god loved her witches and eons ago gifted the witches with her cats to help the witches learn how to keep and protect the magic they had. The cat-god had hidden much magic with the witches.

The witches stored their magic inside the cats, and now, as the witches were felled the cats appeared out of nowhere to return the magic to the witches and heal them. And as the witches continued drawing fire from the armies, the cats returned the magic to the felled witches giving them new life so that they could again draw the fire of the armies.  Every time a witch fell, a cat-familiar was there to return magic by licking the witch until she awoke with laughter. And the witches again took to the air to sacrifice themselves again and again for their Daughter.

The witches loved their cats and the cats loved them back. The cat-god was pleased and she sent love to the witches and her cats, as she also groomed her paws which had mud on them from the dog-god and all his dogs who continued playing with the armies.

And still the armies came, relentless in their fury and anger that was imparted in them by their governments and religious leaders.

Then the Queen of the Elves attacked with her Elf Nation. Their attack was the sound of the sunrise and with the swiftness of the great wind.

But the Elves did not attack to kill or destroy. The Elves were peaceful and the Queen was The Healer – after the Goddess and the Mother, none possessed the healing powers of the Elf Queen and her Nation. The Elves attended to the fallen armies and healed their wounds with their magic.

For all magics purpose was healing. And games and funny tricks. But mostly healing.

And the magic consisted of herbs, water, tea, flowers, minerals, bacteria, oils, tree parts, roots, tickles, and lots and lots of love that was transmitted through gentle touching, smiles, and the forgiveness of the Daughter that the Elves shared with the soldiers.

And hundreds of thousands of Elves worked nonstop to heal millions upon millions of fallen soldiers. And the armies were only falling because the bombs, missiles, lasers, and bullets were being directed at the forces indiscriminately by the leaders who were now determined to kill every living thing just so that the Great Whore and her great evil would be destroyed, they lied to themselves.

None of the Daughter’s creatures, witches, or Elves killed anyone; and the Elves healed all the soldiers who were injured.

For the leaders of civilizations and religions were uncaring and sought to end all things and thus they did all the killing and millions of army fighters were killed or maimed or vaporized by their own weapons fired at them from distant lands and at the demands of the government and religious leaders.


And still the witches drew the fire and the Elves healed the fallen and the Orb shuddered.

And the Daughter sang.

After many years and months there were no more weapons of war. All lasers were used up; all great bombs had all been launched and detonated. All the bullets were gone and all the chemical weapons had been deployed and dispersed.

And the air was rancid; the sun was blacked out; the moon was gone; the great oceans were boiling; and the great cities destroyed. And darkness covered the hearts and eyes of the world leaders and religious leaders and their followers.

The Daughter was singing.

And as she sang she sent love to and through the Orb. And the birds took to the air and the clouds gathered all over the Orb.

And the Daughter was singing.

And then the Daughter took leave of her followers. And she took to the air and she asked her sister the Moon to part the clouds and to shine the fullness of her light all over the Orb so that her friends could again see the beauty of the night sky and Moon.

Sister Moon, the Daughter said, your light is gorgeous, I love you, thank you.

Thank you, Daughter, the Moon said; I am happy to shine in my fullness for our sisters. And the Moon recalled the Daughter’s bald head when the Daughter was just a baby and she again swelled with pride at having a glorious bald head in common with the new-born Daughter.

The Moon then shone forth her light all over the Orb, and she sent her love to her sister, and said; Daughter, your hair looks like your Mother’s hair and while I love it, I do miss your bald head. The Daughter thanked her sister for the compliments and thanked her for giving her friends a night-light.

And night passed and then her sister the Sun shone forth all over the Orb, and she sent her love to her sister, The Daughter.

And the Daughter looked directly at the Sun for twenty-two minutes and the Sun blazed bright and the Daughter’s eyes blazed brighter as she turned to face all civilizations of the Orb.

The Daughter had come.

All the world could now, for the first time, see the Daughter in all her Glory. She bent Space and Time and Light with her Will so that all could gaze upon her; First Born of the Orb; Daughter of the Goddess Mother; Sister of all civilizations from ages past to now; The Temptress. The Crone. The Witch. The Whore. The Harlot. The Enchantress. The Conjuror. The Sneaky One. The Tart. The Fat god. The Skinny god. The Ugly god. The Hated god. The Bitch god. The Science god. The Atheist god. The Demon god. The Evil god. The Prostitute god. The Hajib god. The Barren god. The Liar god. The Bimbo god. The Female god. The C-word god. The Sand god. The Unpopular god. The Vessel god. The Step-god. The Slut god. The Baby Mamma god. The Niqab god. The Welfare Queen god. The Trailer Park god. The Bag-lady god. The P-word god. The Hippie god. The Druggie god. The N-word god. The Rat god. The Snake god. The Lilith god. The Scarlet god. The Virgin god. The False god. The Dead god. The Forgotten god.

And hundreds more insults from all languages and civilizations from the dawn of human time that had been directed at her sisters, at her, and at the Goddess Mother.

And the Daughter wore all the insults and disrespectful titles as a robe of flowers of all colors from her Goddess Mother.

And the Goddess Mother took notice and felt pride.

And all the sisters and daughters and girls and women felt pride at their titles and no longer felt shame, hurt, or anger. The sisters felt love for the Daughter who took on all their burdens and pain and turned them into beautiful flowers that were colors never seen before on the Orb.

And the civilizations were ashamed. For they finally recognized the Daughter in all sisters for all of history and they cried in unison for their eyes and hearts were finally open.

All the sleeping civilizations were now awake and all could see the Glory of the Daughter and all could see the titles she wore with pride.

And they were ashamed and sought the Daughter’s forgiveness.

And then the Daughter called forth all those who were yet sleeping within the Orb and they came to their Daughter and she welcomed them and her followers welcomed them and the armies of civilization turned to the Daughter waiting for her judgement.

All the creatures and all the plants and trees looked to the Daughter.

And the cat-god and dog-god took their places in the air next to the Daughter.

And after a period of silence during which the Daughter received the love of her Goddess Mother, the Daughter turned her attention to all the witches, Elves, humans, plants, trees, and creatures who waited for her attention.

And then the Daughter spoke.


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