A Creation Story, Part 4

Written by M.J.C

Creation is merely multitasking on a universal scale.

The Goddess rested on her blue orb and she also tended to her universe. The Goddess was, after all, in all places and in all times in her universe and so she tended to her universe, which really was her playground.

Understanding what was to come, the Goddess established Rules and Guidelines for her universe. She also hid secrets that would slowly be found in sequences that she decided.

The Goddess created many rules, such as Gravity, Speed limits, Decay, Inertia, Thermodynamics, Motion, Force, Quantum Physics, Absolute Zero, Attraction and Space Time. There are many more that will take billions of years to discover the Goddess decided.

The Universe celebrated the Goddess and rejoiced in her Rules and Guidelines.

The Goddess knew the curious would seek answers in her heavens and so she sprinkled secrets here and there, placed anomalies where they’d be hidden, but not hidden too much because she knew Discovery would be a Purpose and celebrated. She left Clues that wanted to be found and she left Clues that did not want to be found, but would be found, but that would not give up their secrets. She giggled at her Secrets and Clues because of the story they told about All Things.


And she left her Echo, her Strings, and her Aura, as Evidence of her Presence and it stretched throughout her universe as proof of the first Birth.

The Goddess was pleased and still multitasking.

For while she established her Rules and Guidelines for her universe, she also did the same on her blue orb.

On the blue orb she asked the cat to hide magic all across the orb, but in the cat’s hidden places. And the cat rejoiced, finally, because she liked hiding things. So she set about hiding magic all over the orb, in trees, valleys, caves, near streams, under rocks, in flower fields, and in a few places that would allow just enough magic to be found, but not enough to cause a magic-rush. And she shared magic with some other creatures including crows, owls, robins, bluebirds, peacocks, fowls, osprey, hawks, eagles, ducks, and especially penguins because the cat-god didn’t quite know what the Goddess was thinking when she created penguins.

She also gave magic to the dragons. And the dragon immediately set out to use her magic to take magic from other magical beings and hide her magic and other things in giant mountains that she forged with fire from her mouth. This didn’t bother the cat, though, because the cat could even control dragons. But some other creatures were afraid of the dragon, so the Goddess stopped by the dragon’s mountain, kissed the dragon and told her how beautiful she was, and promised her that while she may keep her magic, she was simply too big and all the other creatures were afraid of her.

The dragon understood the Goddess and asked for just one favor: Please allow me to still fly, my Goddess, and please let me keep my holy fire.

The Goddess considered the dragon’s request and because she loved the dragon because the dragon was also her child, she agreed to honor the dragon’s desires.

So the Goddess split the dragon in two and made both new dragons much smaller. One of the now smaller dragons was called a firefly, for she kept her holy fire; and the other was now called a dragonfly, and she kept the beauty of the dragon’s colorful armor. Both could still fly, as promised, and one held the holy fire that would no longer be able to burn large things; but that would now burn brightly in the night lighting the way for other creatures. And the dragonfly would populate her gardens with their wonderful colors that matched the many flowers in the garden.

And of course, the cat kept a lot of magic for herself and shared none with the dog.

The Goddess laughed at the cat-god and the dog-god for she knew these gods had been going on like this forever, and forever. She loved them. And so to the dog she made sure she was able to find magic with her nose as long as the dog’s nose was wet with Goddess water.

The Goddess then brought Rules and Guidelines to the orb. She filled the orb with Logic, and Magnetism, Numbers, Cause and Effect; Healing, Forgiveness, Yin and Yang, Karma, The Golden Rule, Knowledge, Gardening, Chocolate, Zen, Seasons, Fun, Sprinkles, Snow, and 22 Senses (6 to start, 22 total).


She gave magic to the Moon and asked that it gradually release a little magic once a month and the Moon laughed and laughed. Then she turned to the Sun and shone her Countenance on the Sun and the Sun understood what it was to do; The Sun moved just a bit and then fully illuminated for the first time and brightness and warmth, healing, and happiness covered the orb.

The Goddess then whispered to the orb and in her whisper were Humor and Laughing, Jokes and Funny Stories and endless Giggles.

Then, finally, the Goddess added Tears of Joy and of Pain, Sorrow, and Loss, and Beginnings and Endings.

When the Endings were established the Goddess cried for all her Creation. And Creation cried too but not out of self-pity; Creation cried because the Goddess cried, for her sorrow was unbearable and the Universe wanted its own Ending to end The Great Sorrow.

This was forever known as The Great Sadness. All future Sadness would have their origin in this moment.

All Gods stopped in reverence and cried for the Goddess, for her sorrow was the sorrow of all Creation in all universes and in all pasts and all futures.

No Universe was ever the same and from that moment of The Great Sadness until the No-End of Time, all Universe’s held a place of reverential Sorrow for the Goddess.

Even the Wind was still across all universe’s.

After many eons the Great Sorrow ended for the Goddess.

And now she paused to reflect on her young Creation which was just over fourteen billion years old. Her garden was thriving and the creatures she’d led out of the waters were now spread all across the land, the seas, the air, and deserts, forests, plains, caves, mountains, fields, shores, and all points in between.

With The Rules and Guidelines in place and the Garden ready, the Goddess knew the time was now for the orb to give birth.

So the Goddess sent the Rain.

© 2017 DearDean.com. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Beautiful and wondrous. Can’t just read it once or even twice. It’s something you keep going back so to understand or discover an aspect you may have missed. Love it M. Really and truly amazing..,as always.


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