A Creation Story, Part 2

Written By M.J.C

All of Creation is merely a birthing story

The echo of her first birth can still be heard in all the universe. The sound is in the background of all universal sounds.

The Goddess was busy!

With her name singing an Eternal song during those first few nanoseconds, the Goddess opened herself and her power flowed all at once and in all directions in a magnificent expression of herself.

And in those milliseconds her universe was now immeasurable.

This was the first birth in her new universe. The Goddess Power was soft, curved, slow and smooth. There were a few sharp angles but she preferred gentle bends, segues, and agreement in form and all that she created  

The Original’s name for the Goddess informed Her purpose and Her Essence fueled her creative expressions.

In those first few million years the Goddess played with things that would forever be unseen but which would be studied and she left her presence in all things she birthed.

All things in Her universe are made of Her.

The Goddess paused to observe her universe and then she smiled to herself.

She knew what her universe needed. I will make a garden, the Goddess said.

What is purpose if not growing and tending a garden where one may contemplate, she asked and answered herself.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 10.04.26 PM

And so, she planted simple galaxies and spiral galaxies, there and there; just a simple garden she told herself.

Next were gas clouds that were as big as galaxies, and nebulas that where as original in all universes as they were Awe-inspiring. She grew stars that burned slowly- perennials she called them, and others that burned out quickly in a few billion years- seasonals, those were called.

She planted black holes, strung star systems all around, and placed comets and asteroid belts all over.

And she took from her own light and planted growing balls of fire to warm her garden while night stars and moons kept her garden comforted, and to provide for the small things that she planted in the garden — to live, feed, and help the garden birth its own.

Finally, over there she decided to plant orbs that circled her stars and to the orbs some were given there own orbs that circled them. And they were given fire to help forge the garden.

The Goddess paused for a few billion years before noticing one of her stars calling to her because it was lonely.

Then she smiled a mischievous smile and laughed to herself at her garden – it was lovely!

She was well pleased but not finished!

The star that called to her informed her that one of the orbs was sad and longed for the Goddess’s attention.

And she heard her orb and attended to it listened to it, and answered it. And the Goddess gave the orb Purpose.

To the lonely star – all of them – the Goddess gave them Purpose as well,  for that is what all things desired.

In totality their Purpose was intertwined forever and it was Art. And they had uniqueness as did all of her Creation.

And so the Goddess established her benevolence in her universe.

And in those next moments, those few billion years, her universal garden began birthing its art in a joyous and never-ending attempt to win Her favor and Her attention.

There was wave after wave of color, form, intent, mystery, laugher, love, longing, sadness, and even anger. The angry art was dreadful in its power. The loving art was dreadful in its power. The art would be called: Day, Night, Sun, Sky, Fire, Mountain, and Volcano. And Space, and Darkness, and Abstract, and Unknown. It was called Power. And Lost. And Mystery.

And it was called Glory. But mostly it was called Art.

Billions of years passed and one of her orbs she planted was struggling. Every time it tried to show the Goddess its art and how it expressed her essence the orb wasn’t satisfied.

She gave the orb the first gift in her universe: Hope.

The orb welcomed the Goddess’ favor! The orb had purpose and hope now.

Hope. Always hope.

The orb quickly began working on its own garden over the next few billion years.

The orb turned this way and that, and it summoned color from deep inside itself; it took gifts from other orbs and mixed the ingredients to birth new art materials; it was pleased but not finished. Small things grew large and in those things the orb shared its purpose; all things on the orb now worked in unison to express itself in a garden of art to please their Goddess.

The Goddess had watched her blue orb in these early billion years and she was pleased and curious at how hard the orb worked for her. Her attention to the orb added color, and her joy at the art the orb was creating produced water on the orb, as these were the Goddesses tears of love and joy.

The orb called these tears water. Or rain. Or life. Or ocean. Or river. Or stream. Or Lake. Or Waterfall. Or Storm. Or liquid. Or waves.

The orb couldn’t settle on one word so all were used.

Those tears immediately brought new art to the orb; for Her tears contained Her colors.


Just a few hundred thousand colors at first. And then millions. Then trillions.

All around the orb was color. All possible colors.

And the Goddess was pleased with her garden. She loved all her gardens in her universe and all were pleasing to her and all found her favor.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 10.06.29 PM

All received her essence and her color.

And the Goddess decided to rest in her garden on this now blue orb.

Receiving her favor the blue orb and all its color, oceans, mountains, and volcano’s shouted in unison to the Goddess:

Our Mother is welcome!

As the Goddess and Mother rested in her garden her essence fed the orb in all its oceans, fields, sky, mountains, and forests.  

And the blue orb, feeding off the Goddess Essence all these billions of years finally settled down.

But the Goddess Essence stayed busy these next few billion years and her blue orb and garden became part of her. And she returned their love.

And the Goddess was now Mother Earth, as she was always meant to be.

© 2017 DearDean.com. All Rights Reserved.




  1. I know how much you love the rain…and how she is using her support system to create… not just doing it on her own. #theplotisthickening


  2. Stories are what religion is all about; creation stories. I get it. And though earth is the center of this story, good to see that it is only one of many and not THE center, as we always wish it to be. Careful with the gold print on the white background. Hard for old folks like me to follow smoothly…the photographs add brilliance to the story.

    Liked by 1 person

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