A Creation Story, Part 1

Written by M.J.C

“All of religion is merely men mansplaining God

The Goddess laughed to herself. She created all things, but not in her image, no, she longed for difference and diversity. She was a curious creator who did not know the reach of her powers.

She was favored by the Original. The Original was the true God and Creator. And the Original God was everywhere and most often in the form of what the Goddess and other Gods simply called: Wind.

In her existence she explored large places and small, all pasts and all futures. She saw Gods rise and fade – Gods never “died” in the sense of how what they created died. Gods faded back to the Original to start over.

There were old Gods she remembered and missed; she could still reach them, feel them, and even share time with them, but in their faded state she could not commune too long lest she also started to fade.

She was young by God standards. Just over 22 billion years.

She didn’t want to separate from the Original; no God did. But in this one way, and only one way, did the Gods not have a choice. The Original said it must happen.

And so it happened.

After 8.4 billion years of being part of the Original, it was time for her to leave; her Great Separation was come.

She paused when she first realized it was her time, and in that pause two billion years passed. 


Then she felt the Great Separation happening and she experienced sadness for the first time. And she knew love on another level. And she knew so much more.

She better understood the Original now and why the Great Separation was.

The Original shared with her over a brief million years while considering her. Then there was silence for a few million more years as the Original created her name.

Her time was now and it had all happened so fast.

Then the Original made sound of the wind that she would forever pause to hear; to listen to; and to respond to. It was the sound of love; of longing; of wanting; and of unyielding expectation. It was the sound of life, and of passion, and of joy beyond measure. It was The Original and it was the Goddess. It was the word of all things past and future.

And the word filled the Goddess fully with knowledge of all things and most importantly the word filled the Goddess with purpose.

And then she did what all Gods did in this moment: She Created. She Created unlike any God before or since. 

She was the Goddess.


And the Goddess spoke and said: Let there be light! 

And into nothingness she created a new Universe.

And at that same instant when she created all things she said her name at last and infused all of her Creation with her name. 

A single eternal Name that spread through the Goddess to all of her Creation:


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  1. The words were beautiful… it left me with questions.
    So the Original did not create the universe, the Goddess did?
    Leaves the question, is one saying the Bible, although created by mankind, may be what may not have happened? …
    I will continue reading… interesting


  2. My new favorite word is mansplaining! Very interesting read. There is so much going on. Looking forward to see how this all unveils itself.


  3. We are far too late as men giving women their due. It is time for them to lead. Which means we have to step out of the way and empower them and be willing to submit to their knowledge of the Universe. I agree. They are the creators. Most often, we are in the way explaining why we should be the “boss.” Twenty two billion years is quite close to our coming of age of “21;” and 8.4 billion years is quit close to the “time” it takes to have a baby at “9” (months). Those are my numerical takeaways. Go women!

    Liked by 1 person

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